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Out Of Sight 04:35
You’re not thinking Time to time You’re going to love The way your hand fits into mine You’ll need someone To make yourself complete You can tell us How it’s meant to be And how you Do without identity And I think You believe your own conceit Turning it out Like you say you will You never give up Like you say you will Dead in the water And unfulfilled Turning it out Like you say you will Picking it up While you try so hard Sick in the back Like I know you are Stoking it up Like it worked so far Picking it up Like I know you are You have the heart To place the blame again And what I want Is not the same As what I say I want But that’s ok It’s alright All this time We’ve talked mistakes And now the less you are The more you take And you are cold enough To fool yourself sometimes You run it up and down and out of sight I’ve got a tight thing ‘round my throat tonight I’m going to exit exit exit
Receiver 04:11
When I was on my way to recovery I was the eyes of a perfect storm Staring all things down As the oceans raged right in front of me I felt the pinnacle of function and form I saw your wife and kids playing family While I was driving to the corner shop When it all fell through So I called my mother from a Bakelite phone As the pinwheel started to dance She said, “I’ve got plans for you.” Why can’t a man or a woman choose solitude? Is it not enough to be the sum of your parts Nothing more, nothing less? Struck dumb by delusions of adequacy I was shackled to a life of success When the unstoppable force of austerity Meets an immovable object of desire My desire will cool Postcards from a blank infinity I will pick up the receiver and smile When they say, “I’ve got plans for you.”
What I'd Do 03:41
For any toll it’s taken For any closing act There’s a light on waiting Push the cover back For a better reason For a longer fall Like it’s never been done Like we never saw And when it starts to build up Does it matter what I’d do Don’t it look familiar But I would come back feeling new You forget it quicker And if it’s better hid It would talk as bitter As I ever did And I could try and tell you I could feel untouched But you designed to cut through I never knew how much I would come back feeling Something closer aligned And I would come back seeing Something old in your eyes I would come back feeling new
Horizons 05:52
Most nights you feel like a whore in every room Hours drag but the morning comes too soon Slowing your heart 'til you fear that horizons will fall Slowing your heart to a murmur Horizons are coming to you He said, "Show me faith and I'll show you the World" You know it's guys like him who always blame the girl Fucking away on a promise he'll always betray Fucking away on a promise Horizons are coming to you I changed the lock I forced the key I took a chance on baby and me I pulled the string I made the call I switched the gin with the ethanol I washed my hands I turned away I let the getaway get away I slowed your heart I made you fear horizons as they disappear Because all of this is new and I've been improved I never saw it before All the blood and the sweat and the anguish The weight of the World and the spit on the floor So come on, make me an offer we'll always regret 'Cause we're young and we're desperate for more I walk the line like a new horizon, Distant and ready to score Until I become the sweat that drips from every pore.
Well all the time That’s running past I’ll let it slide If you will be the last And has it been This colourless I let it leave And I can recover it We set it down A little left To gather up Just souvenirs you kept Forget about the better thing Be typical If you can be anything For your head For your soul For all I said For all I know For your bed For your home For all I care For all that I don’t
Paydirt 03:10
You said I want to be the place You call home And do you doubt I’ll be the rope You swing from You said I’ve got to be appeased With the cold facts And all I want’s a little heat To keep back Between the sun and the earth We gather the speed You know we deserve Indefinitely Between the sky and the dirt The act and the plea I know we desert You’re telling me I know you’re seeing all the worth In new plans I know it feels a little worse At my hand And you could take me to the cusp It’s no first If I could only beat the rush The pay dirt You’re telling me
Animal 03:37
You said I’m tired of creeping Around every delicate fact Is that a manner of speaking Is that a plan of attack If you don’t want to be patient And I don’t want an excuse Nobody told you to take it We want a tooth for a tooth So give me something to pay for ‘Cause I don’t know where to begin Its getting harder to make that call And break that fall And feel that same thing And people say it’s a pity And we don’t know we are born But we are the sound of the city We are the eye of the storm And don’t you think you’re afraid of Nobody finding you out Maybe we’re nothing but restless Well it aches until You talk yourself down I’m animal You’re animal Tell me so We are the eye of the storm
October 03:14
See it all decided Forget you might have been This should be the start of something big We don’t underwrite it The walls are getting thin I could only be a part of what you think So in the better light of day Did you mean Anything by half or inbetween Would you loosen up and stay Because I don’t see And you will Say you won’t So you left it finally Lifting the part you should’ve played I don’t know how I got there but I did And the pattern is no different Sensation all the same I’m always at the heart of something hid And I hope you see Far less in me And I hope this time Will see my head right And I hope you do And it turns out untrue And I wish we’d kept So much unsaid And you will Say you won’t
Money Talks 03:27
Were you won In an instant changing Did anyone show you different baby Stupid does And you come back here when It’s not enough in a heartbeat really I know my half cut traits are clear And all of that wasted space is here Some of those tired fakes Could be us Will you walk If you get no nearer Money talks You and me we hear it Every day It’s a comfort somehow But I would take any cold blood way out The giving Receiving The longer it takes The fade in The bleed out The keener it makes you
Baby sit back Going to impress this slow You haven’t seen that pedigree yet I know Don’t deny it Anything less than perfectly Is old to me And I missed it Letting you slip undone Altruistic Didn’t I gift you Some kind of sequence Never repeat this Know this rush is owed to us I can hear you saying it like you do every time I can hear you Can I hear you No reliance No animosity Rocket science Hardly but I can sleep You remember everything don’t you All that space will shake you open Then you know me I like it this way best You’ve got trouble Pushing down on your chest Heavy breathing Never could keep my promises I promised it Talking round it Talking longer I can hear you getting stronger Going faster Growing fonder Celebrate it Little wonder Saying Russian roulette that’s my test I’m going to take these ricochets unless You want to talk about how you know best I know I know I know
You don’t need to account for mistakes Try as you might We go looking for life Much too late Did you find it tonight We get used to an easy restraint Too grounded to fight We are still slipping under Awake We could drown if you like
Truss up the soul that I sold Hollow fingers make the cut Ink the deal Drain the colours as you leave My red-blooded half half asleep We talk of stimulus in lieu of stimulation It’s no substitute for me These are the homes that we built On expensive quicksand These are the lies we told ourselves Here are the hot leads we worked cold Here are the stocks we oversold I will leave you naked I will leave you naked And howling at the sun Excised all the things that you said wouldn’t matter: My ambition, personality and matters of a heart That breaks as I bend into shapes you approve of I remember that I came here I remember nothing more These are the futures you bought That meant nothing to you These are the lies we told ourselves We are the deals that break and bind We are the gears that grate and grind We will leave you broken We will leave you broken And howling at the sun
Still inclined to it A cynical thought Why don't we call it entitlement And crawl back to that You resign to it Is that what you mean The kind that you need Don't come by enough For changing the fact The pieces you find are just Patterns you've known on the way The feeling you hide is just Gratitude falling away Take good care of it The battle you choose And as far as you do Don't lay low for it With all that to prove Is it rarity Or habit impressed Tell me when did you get so afraid To be anything new Would you talk it up While it's cheapening For the holding out Oh won't you have the release of it Talk it out While it's weakening Are you cold enough For the simple receipt of it Talk it up While it's cheapening For the holding out And the less that it seems That I'm cold enough Incomplete enough To be holding out For the simple receipt of it


HORSE PARTY - Horizons
CD/download album
Released Friday 1st April 2016 on R*E*P*E*A*T Records

Ellie Langley – guitar & vocals
Seymour Quigley – guitar, bass, keys & vocals
Shannon Hope – drums

Produced by George Perks and Horse Party

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11 & 13: Songs by Langley, Music by Hope/Langley/Quigley
Tracks 2, 4 & 12: Songs by Quigley, Music by Hope/Langley/Quigley
Tracks 6, 7 & 8: Songs by Langley, Music by Hope/Langley/Perks/Quigley
All tracks © 2015 Copyright Control
This compilation ℗ 2016 R*E*P*E*A*T Records/Pure Deadly

Recorded to tape by George Perks at Punch Studios, Ipswich, UK
Drums on 5 & 12 recorded at The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds, UK
Assistant Engineers: Joe Bailey, Oli Dow and John Randall
Bass on 6 & 7, keys on 8 by George
Mixed by George and Seymour
Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn
Track 9 mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis

Artwork and photography by Kate Wood
Layout by Seymour with thanks to Andrew Akehurst

The tracks on this album were released as a series of singles and EPs between February 2015-January 2016:

Tracks 1 & 2 – ‘Out Of Sight/Receiver’ – 7” black vinyl single – MBRR141 – February 2015
Tracks 3 & 4 – ‘What I’d Do/Horizons’ – download single – PDR101 – June 2015
Track 5 – previously unreleased
Tracks 6, 7 & 8 – ‘Paydirt’ – 7” black vinyl EP – MBRR142 – September 2015
Tracks 9, 10, 11 & 12 – ‘Money Talks’ – download EP – PDR102 – November 2015
Track 13 – ‘Gratitude Falling’ – download single – PDR103 – January 2016

Big thanks to Andrew Woodcock, Catherine Lindley-Neilson, George Perks, Kate Wood, Eric James, Nick Pooley, Joe Bailey, Jonathan Neilson, Duncadelic, Henry D.C. Williams, Katy Evans, Tony at Manilla PR and Richard Rose

Horizons by Horse Party
R*E*P*E*A*T Records MBRR144
Distributed by Backs/Shellshock


released February 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Horse Party Bury, UK

Ellie. Seymour. Shannon. Catherine.


It's my Horse Party and I'll cry if I want to.

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